[Vancouver Food] Dinner @ Tuc Craft Kitchen

Many restaurants in Vancouver offer cheaper food and drinks in their “Happy Hour” period in the afternoon, and Tuc Craft Kitchen in Gastown is one of them. My colleagues and I visited this place on a Friday afternoon in 2017, and the overall experience was mixed.

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[Vancouver Food] Lunch @ Congee Noodle House

Congee Noodle House is one of the restaurants we discovered in my first few years living in Vancouver. It had become one of my favourite Chinese restaurants at that time. I visited this place again with my family in February 2018 after many years of absence and the food was still great!

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[Vancouver Museum] Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Beaty Biodiversity Museum is the only natural history museum in Metro Vancouver and is one of the many museums and gardens in the University of British Columbia (UBC). I visited this museum with my family on the Family Day Sunday. It was different from what I expected.

Beaty Biodiversity Museum Whale
The blue whale at the entrance

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