[Vancouver] Dinner @ YEW seafood + bar

I always look forward to the Dine Out Vancouver event. It is the only time to try fancy restaurants without becoming broke. I was lucky this year to try out YEW seafood + bar with friends on January 29. It was a fantastic experience, the best I’ve ever had!

My dinner at YEW

My dinner at YEW seafood + bar. See below for details of each dish.

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[Big Island Day 7] Snack @ What’s Shakin

After having a great time at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, we headed to What’s Shakin for their famous smoothies. Their smoothies are indeed the best I’ve had in the recent years!

What’s Shakin

Smoothies at Whats Shakin: Ginger Twist (top) & Farmers Favorite (bottom).

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[Big Island Day 7] Breakfast @ Cafe 100

This was our last day of our trip. Although our B&B provided pancakes, we still came to Cafe 100 to try out the traditional Hawaii cuisine, Loco Moco. It is also the cheapest restaurant we’ve ever been to on Big Island!

Cafe 100

Breakfast at Cafe 100: 2 loco moco plates, a miso soup special, and a cup of guava juice

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