[Banff Day 1] Banff Upper Hot Springs

We finished our first day in Banff at Banff Upper Hot Springs. Soaking ourselves in the hot mineral water was the best experience of this trip!

Banff Upper Hot Springs The Entrance
The Entrance

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I’ve never been to a hot spring in Canada, and my last visit was a very long time ago. My impression of a hot spring is a public bathhouse, where people clean themselves beforehand. People would go into the hot spring water with just a towel or nothing. I know that most hot springs in North America are swimming pools with hot mineral water, and people wear swimming suits. This doesn’t really attract me.

The hot spring is located at the bottom of Mount Sulphur, not far from the Banff Gondola terminal. It is the swimming pool we expected. It wasn’t the setting I like, but I just had to accept it. The venue provides all the necessary things for rent, including swimming suits and towels. The prices are all quite affordable.

The pool was crowded when we arrived at 6 pm. I thought people would be fewer during dinner time, but that was not the case. The side of the pool was mostly occupied. The temperature of the hot spring was 39 degrees, which was comfortable but a bit low. I guess they didn’t want people to become dizzy afterwards. It was super relaxing, and I could feel that the fatigue all went away. We spent an hour in the hot mineral water.

Banff Upper Hot Springs The Pool
The Pool


This was one of the best and unique experiences of this trip. Hot springs are not common in North America, so be sure to enjoy them whenever you have a chance. Remember to bring your swimsuits when you come to Banff!

Banff Upper Hot Springs

Address: 1 Mountain Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1KU
Admission: $8.30
Info: Website

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