[Banff Day 1] Cave and Basin National Historic Site

Cave and Basin National Historic Site is the birthplace of Canada’s national parks. It was my first visit, and I was stunned by the beautiful hot spring!

Cave and Basin Entrance
Entrance of the Site

Banff Day 1 Itinerary

What We Did

This was the very first destination of our Banff trip. It was rainy when we arrived in Banff on Friday afternoon, and I had to buy a beanie from the gift shop first. What a start of a trip!

The entrance is a short walk uphill from the parking lot and the gift shop. The regular admission fee is ony $3.90, which is very affordable.

The main feature of the site, of course, is the cave. After passing through a small tunnel inside the building, we were at the cave with the hot spring. It was absolutely gorgeous and beautiful! This was actually my only chance to see turquoise-colour water because most of the nearby lakes were still frozen. The rock formation was pretty stunning, too.

Cave and Basin Spring in the Cave
The Spring in the Cave

There was also a hot spring pool right outside of the building. I could clearly see the steam here and there.

Cave and Basin Basin Spring Pool
Basin Spring Pool

We headed south and followed the path outside of the building. We saw hot spring water trickling down the hill along the way. The water here eventually flows into the cave we were in earlier.

Upper Spring
Upper Spring

It was still rainy and cloudy, but the mountains were still scenic.

Cave and Basin View of the Mountains
The View of the Mountains

Lastly, we walked north towards the marsh area. I thought there would be fish or other creatures here, but I didn’t see any.

The Marsh
The Marsh


This national historic site was exceptional. Seeing the hot spring in the cave or trickling downhill was a fantastic experience. It is unfortunate that most packaged tour groups from Vancouver don’t bring their customers here. I couldn’t wait to soak myself in the hit spring!

Cave and Basin National Historic Site Info

Address: 311 Cave Ave, Banff, AB T0L 0C0
Admission: $3.90
Info: Website

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