[Vancouver] Revisiting Fort Langley

Fort Langley is a village community in Metro Vancouver and home to one of the former fur trade post. It is an ideal place for a day trip.

Fraser River from the bridge
The view of Fraser River from Glover Road Bridge

Fort Langley National Historic Site

The site was originally a trade post set up by Hudson Bay Company with the purpose of securing territorial claim north of 49th parallel north.

Fort Langley NHS Trading Map
The Trading Map

Its structure is a mini rectangular fort with a large courtyard and buildings along the wall. Most of the buildings on site were rebuilt in recent years.

Fort Langley NHS Courtyard

The copperage was the place to make barrels and other wood works.

Fort Langley NHS Cooperage

The storehouse is the only original building on site, which was built in 1840. The furs in the picture felt really good. I wonder if they are real.

Fort Langley Storehouse

The Fort was also called the birthplace of British Columbia. The colony of British Columbia was established in 1858, and Fort Langley was chosen to be the capital. The proclamation was made in the Big House.

The servants’ quarters were the place where the employees lived. It was, of course, much simpler than the Big House. The beds in the below picture were very small.

Fort Langley NHS Servants’ quarters
Servants’ quarters

We spent about an hour on site. It was a great place to learn the history of the province I lived in.

Address: 23433 Mavis Ave, Langley City, BC V1M 2R5
Info: Website

Republica Coffee Roasters

Republica Coffee Roasters
Republica Coffee Roasters

Republica Coffee Roasters is a small local coffee chain with 3 stores. The store may not be as famous as Wendel’s Bookstore & Cafe next door, but their coffee and tea are for sure a hidden gem. Their London fog was especially excellent. I could clearly smell the tea.

They have a shelf for packaged coffee beans and tea leaves, which is rarely seen in other coffee shops. I am sure that they are good gifts for anyone and occasions.

Republica Coffee Roasters Interior
Republica Coffee Roasters Interior

Address: 9203 Glover Rd, Langley City, BC V1M 2S4
Info: Website

Walking Around the Town

Like other villages, there are plenty of botique stores along Glover Road and Mavis Avenue. I personally can’t afford any items in those stores, but they can be quite enjoyable to just look around.

Brae Island Regional Park

Brae Island Regional Park is just across the river from the town. I only walked a little bit and didn’t get to the end. I don’t know if there is anything special to see there. The view of the river was gorgeous as always.

Brae Island Regional Park River View
The View of Fraser River Brae Island Regional Park
Brae Island Regional Park Path
The Park Path

Address: 9451 Glover Rd, Langley City, BC V1M 2R9
Info: WebsitePark Map


I like this village even more after visiting the national historic site. I need to come again when there is a festival or celebration. I am sure it will be even more awesome!

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