[Vancouer Food] Lunch @ Finch’s Tea House

Finch’s Tea House is a cozy tearoom at the intersection of Pender and Homer in downtown Vancouver. Their baguette sandwiches are one of the best ones in the city.

Finchs Tea House The Continental
The Continental

The Food

I am never a big fan of cold sandwiches. They are usually generic, bland, and not flavourful. I least favourite sandwiches are the one made of ham and lettuce. However, my opinion changed after I had my first baguette sandwich from Finch’s Tea House.

I had the Continental for both of my only two visits to the teahouse. I chose it because it looked the most elegant and came with both protein and veggies. It is made of prosciutto, boiled free-range egg, cheddar, tomato, red leaf lettuce and dijon-mayo. It was the most deluxe sandwich I’ve ever had! I love the idea of putting boiled eggs in a sandwich.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of cold sandwiches. Some of them come with interesting ingredients, like pear baguette and blue brie. Some others are veggie-only, including avocado baguette and full-vegetarian sandwich. It is a great place for people who want some super-healthy food for lunch.

I had their brewed coffee during my first visit. I didn’t like it because it was too bitter even with cream and sugar. As a teahouse, I am not sure if their tea is good or not. Please let me know.


If you have given up on cold sandwiches, please still give Finch’s a try. I am really impressed on the deliciousness of their food. The lineup during lunch is usually long, so it is recommended to place the order first on apps like Ritual before you go.

Finch’s Tea House Info

Address: 353 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T1
Info: Menu

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