[Vancouer Food] Lunch @ The Poke Guy

The Poke Guy is a fast-casual restaurant near Waterfront Station serving poke. It is the best place for a quick lunch with seafood in the area!

The Poke Guy Poke Bowl 1
A Poke Bowl from The Poke Guy with albacore tuna and lomi lomi

Poke has become trendy in Vancouver in recent years. Besides the independent poke shops, existing restuarants like Cactus Club Cafe also serve this iconic Hawaiian dish.

The Food

The restaurant lets customers build and customize their own bowls. A bowl is made of:

  • Rice or salad as the base
  • Poke (5 choices)
  • Sides such as seaweed salad and fruits
  • Crunches such as nori
  • Drizzle

There are two sizes available:

  • Lil Guy: 1 portion of rice + 5 toppings
  • Big Guy: 2 portion of rice + unlimited toppings

The poke is priced by the scoop. The staff members are usually not stingy on the poke and the toppings. There isn’t a limit on certain toppings, and you can get as many as you want. This means the bowl can be pretty huge with lots of toppings and poke even if you have “lil guy.” The bowls in both photos were “lil guy,” and I was super full after the meal.

The Poke Guy Poke Bowl 2
Another Poke Bowl with ahi tuna and sockeye salmon


Many people commented that it is the best poke in the city, and I agree. I am glad that my office is just two blocks away and can easily go there for lunch. It is also a healthier lunch option. I highly recommend everyone to try it out!

The Poke Guy Info

Address: 420 Richards St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z3
Info: Website

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