[Europe Week 1] Dinner @ Fratelli La Bufala

My first time having a pizza in Italy was at Fratelli La Bufala, a restaurant by the Grande Canal. It was totally different from the ones I had in North America!

Trieste Itinerary

The Food

This was a pizza restaurant my friend and I randomly walked in. Being next to the canal meant that it was obviously more for tourists than the restaurant we visited previously, but we didn’t mind.

We shared a plate of assorted deep-fried stuff as our appetizer. I don’t quite remember what exactly I got that day, but there were some arancini (risotto balls with cheese) and pizza dough.

Trieste Fratelli La Bufala Pizzeria Deep Fried Stuff
Trieste Fratelli La Bufala Pizzeria Deep Fried Stuff

I ordered a pizza with anchovy. It was exactly what I expected: a thin-crusted pizza with only a few toppings besides the tomato sauce and the cheese. It was very simple, but I was able to fully enjoy and get the most out of each ingredient, including the melted cheese, the crust, the tomato sauce, and the anchovy. It was a totally different experience from the North American pizzas.

Trieste Fratelli La Bufala Pizzeria Pizza
Trieste Fratelli La Bufala Pizzeria Pizza


Fratelli La Bufala is not really a fancy restaurant you absolutely need to go to, but it offers some good quality Italian food to tourists. Feel free to come here or any other restaurants near the Grande Canal for some true Italian pizzas!

Fratelli La Bufala Pizzeria Info

Address: Via Roma, 11, 34121 Trieste TS, Italy
Info: Website

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