[Seattle Food] Dinner @ Pasta Freska

Pasta Freska is a very different Italian restaurant near Lake Union in Seattle. There are no menus or taking orders here. The cooks will decide all the dishes for you!

Winter 2018 Day 1 Itinerary

I found this restaurant on Google Map. It was only a 5-minute walk away from our hotel and it has a high rating of 4.7. We had no knowledge about this restaurant, but it turned out to be very good and deserved this rating.


We arrived early at 5:30 pm and were seated very quickly. My initial impression wasn’t good because the waiter didn’t give us menus and left us alone for a while. The restaurant was only half full at that time.

The waiter finally came and introduced the restaurant and the features. The situation became interesting as I didn’t expect that this restaurant doesn’t have menus or take orders. The waiter only asked if we would like any drinks to start or anything we don’t eat for any reason. All the dishes would be surprises.

I was fine with the arrangement. The only thing I was worried about was the price of this dinner. I didn’t want to be shocked when I saw the bill later and make my sister and her boyfriend pay more than expected. Other than that, we were all very excited about what we would get and predicting how many courses would they serve.

The Food

We went ahead with the recommended cocktail to start. It was quite good. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the details of it, except that one of the ingredients was berries.

Pasta Freska Drink

The first dish was the grilled eggplant. The server came with a full platter of them and put one into my plate. It was a large piece.

Pasta Freska Eggplant

Salad came next. It was very simple with some feta cheese.

Pasta Freska Salad

The first pasta dish was the cannelloni. I never learned its proper name until I started to write this review. It was stuffed with meat.


Then, we had another pasta dish. It was a bit spicy, and I loved it. By the time I finished it, I was super full.

Pasta Freska Pasta
Pasta Freska Pasta

I knew the main dish would come after the pasta dishes. The seafood stew came next. I took some time to finish it even though the portion was not huge.


The server came a few minutes later with some steak. I really couldn’t take any more food but had a small piece anyway.

Pasta Freska Steak
A small piece of steak

We ended our meal with desserts even though we didn’t have any room in our stomach. It was a bit disappointing to us because all of them were unbelievably sweet. It was probably the standard level of sweetness in the US, but I couldn’t accept it.

Pasta Freska Dessert
Pasta Freska Dessert


I was very impressed and overwhelmed with the food and the experience at Pasta Freska. I had a great variety of Italian dishes and was super full. The price was also reasonable, which was $30 USD per person excluding the drink and the dessert. I love it very much and will definitely come again when I visit Seattle. What will they serve me next time?

Pasta Freska Info

Address: 1515 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, USA
Info: Menu

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