[Seattle Trip] Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo is the first zoo I’ve ever visited in North America. Visiting a zoo has been on my to-do list for a long time, and this zoo didn’t disappoint me!

Winter 2018 Day 1 Itinerary

What We Did

The zoo is massive and is roughly divided into 6 zones, which showcase animals from different environment and regions. We came in from the west entrance and walked through the zoo in the counterclockwise direction. The first animal we saw by the entrance was the penguins.

Woodland Park Zoo Penguin
The Penguin

Tropical Rain Forest

The first zone we went through was the tropical rain forest. Many animals are in the indoor area, including frogs and snakes.

Woodland Park Zoo Snake
The Snake

Gorillas are also in this zone. It was happy and sad to see our close relative here.

Woodland Park Zoo Gorilla
The Gorilla

Temperate Forest

The next zone was the temperate forest. Most birds in the zoo are in this area, including the flamingos and the cranes.

Woodland Park Zoo Flamingo
The Flamingo
Woodland Park Zoo Crane
The Crane

African Savanna

The most exciting zone was, of course, the African Savanna. The zebras, the hippo, the giraffes, and the lions all live here. There were supposed to be ostriches, but I didn’t see them.

Woodland Park Zoo Hippo
The Hippo
Woodland Park Zoo Lion
The Lion

Tripocal Asia

The rhino is at the tropical Asia zone. Unfortunately, it was taking a shower indoor with staff members, so I didn’t have a chance for photos.

The tiger also lives here. It was sleeping and lying against the glass when we were there. It was very close by, but there were also endless crowds.

Northern Trail

My next photo chance was at the northern trail. The wolves were very beautiful!

Woodland Park Zoo Wolf
The Wolf

It was my first time seeing a brown bear. Bear encounters are quite common in Metro Vancouver, but I have yet seen one myself. I probably shouldn’t hope for such things!

Woodland Park Zoo Brown Bear
The Brown Bear

I managed to take the following photo when the otter was swimming by very swiftly.

Woodland Park Zoo Otter
The Otter


The last zone was the Australasia zone. The ones in the below photo are actually wallaroos, which are smaller in size.

Woodland Park Zoo Wallaroo
The Wallaroo


Even though my sister commented that it is not the right way to treat animals, I still felt blessed when I could see so many animals all at once. My next goal is to see them in the wild, such as national parks!

Woodland Park Zoo Info

Address: 5500 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, USA
Regular Admission: $15.50
Parking: $7.36 (including taxes, for a day)
Info: WebsiteMap

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