[Kelowna Day 2] Dinner @ Bai Tong Thai Food

Our second dinner during our Kelowna road trip was at Bai Tong Thai Food, one of the only few restaurants open on Thanksgiving weekend. It was unusual that I had a lot of Asian food in Kelowna!

Kelowna Road Trip Day 2 Itinerary

The Food

We started our dinner with Tom Ka Gai, a creamy soup with lemon grass, lime leaves, Siamese ginger, mushrooms, onions, chicken, and coconut milk. I love soup made of coconut milk very much, so I order it every time when I am at a Thai restaurant. It usually has a lot of veggies that are much needed when dining out.

Bai Tong Thai Food Tom Ka Gai
Tom Ka Gai

Our main dishes were Pad Thai and Red Curry. It was my first time ordering Pad Thai in a Thai restaurant, and it was vastly different from what I had before. Its ingredients include noodles, prawns, egg, tofu, green onions, bean sprouts, and crushed peanuts. It was very delicious, especially with the peanuts. I don’t think I will ever order Pad Thai from food courts again.

Bai Tong Thai Food Pad Thai
Bai Tong Thai Food Pad Thai

The portion of the red curry didn’t look big, but it was enough for all three of us. Per the menu, it was a dish with level 1 spiciness, which was OK for me. The vegetables here were a bit basic, but the taste was still very good.

Bai Tong Thai Food Pa-Nang
Pa-Nang (Red Curry)


I don’t have Thai food very often, but I discovered something new and delicious each time I went to a Thai restaurant. It is now a very decent alternative when I don’t know what to eat.

Bai Tong Thai Food Info

Address: 275 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J6
Info: Menu

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