[Kelowna Day 2] Thanksgiving @ McMillan Farms

McMillan Farms was one of the few great places to celebrate the autumn harvest and Thanksgiving in Kelowna. I once again saw lovely farm animals as well as piles of pumpkins and squashes!

McMillan Farms Pumpkin Pile
The Pumpkin Piles at McMillan Farms

Kelowna Road Trip Day 2 Itinerary

What We Did

The farm was crowded when we arrived in the afternoon. Many people were here to get the pumpkins for Halloween. Other kinds of squash were also available, except that I didn’t know what the locals would do with them. I still have a lot of Canadian tradition to learn.

The Squash Pile

My main goal of this visit was to see more farm animals. I’ve already seen a lot when I was at the Country Celebration @ Campbell Valley Regional Park, and I still wanted to see what they had.

McMillan Farms Chicken

The goats were standing in a large bin. Was there a reason to put them there?

McMillan Farms Goats
The Goats

The two donkeys were scratching for each other when I took the below photo. They looked a bit silly here, but I couldn’t wait until they moved on to other activities.

McMillan Farms Donkeys
McMillan Farms Donkeys


We only stayed for about 30 minutes. There weren’t too many things for us to do besides browsing at the animals and the pumpkins. It was probably not the best time for me to come as I would love to buy lots of fruits, but not pumpkins. I still recommend this farm for families with small kids because they will fall in love with all the animals and plants.

Pumpkin piles decorations could also be seen in other places. We drove by a small grocery store next to a field and saw the below decoration. It looked awesome!

Pumpkin Decoration
Pumpkin Decoration

McMillan Farms Info

Address: 3690 Berard Rd #1, Kelowna, BC V1W 4A9
Info: Website

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