Review: Hotel NH Trieste

We spent our first 4 nights in Italy at Hotel NH Trieste. The experience wasn’t remarkable, but it was conveniently located near the train station, which was a plus.


The 4-night stay was booked by my school, and the total fee I paid included breakfast. The price seems to be affordable (less than CAD $150) during peak summer months. I shared the room with another classmate.


The hotel is just two blocks away from the train station, which is ideal for people who don’t rent a car. Even though we primarily travelled by bus, I still benefited from the location. I took the train to the airport to pick up my rental car for my Slovenian day trip. The rental car return location was also nearby, so getting back to the hotel after the trip wasn’t an issue.

Downtown Trieste isn’t large, and it is possible to walk to most of the attractions in the area.

The Room

I stayed in a room with 2 single beds, which is pretty standard in Europe. There was just enough room for me to open up my luggage.

The Beds
The Beds

The bathroom was small and crammed. Interestingly, there was a second sink in a much lower position next to the toilet. It is in all of the rooms I stayed in Italy. I didn’t know the purpose and didn’t use it. It was also blocking the shower entrance as you can see in the below picture in the right.

The Bathroom


My favourite part of the stay, of course, was the breakfast time. I am probably going to repeat it again and again, but the breakfast offering was excellent. Breakfast costs €24.00, which is steep.

I always started my day with a cup of cafe latte. Again, the machine can make several types of coffee drinks.

Hotel NH Trieste Breakfast Coffee Machine
The Coffee Machine

They offered 5 kinds of croissants and many kinds of pastries, which was insane. I don’t think croissants are an option in many breakfast buffets. I had a couple every day as I couldn’t go for bread when there were croissants lol.


There were decent cheese and ham selections here as well.

Hotel NH Trieste Breakfast Cheese and Ham
Cheese and Ham

Two types of hot food and multiple flavours of bread were available.

Hot Food
Hot Food

They offered four types of juices, which was the most I’ve ever seen. They looked way better when they are in jugs.

Hotel NH Trieste Breakfast Juice
Juice Selections

Sliced fruits as well as fruit salads were available. I readlly don’t know if Europeans have penna cotta for breakfast, but I loved the idea.

Hotel NH Trieste Breakfast Fruits and desserts
Fruits and desserts

I think having 10 toppings for yogurt was a bit too much.

Hotel NH Trieste Breakfast Yogurt and Cereal
Yogurt and Cereal


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