[Europe Week 1] Dinner @ Trattoria Città di Londra

Trattoria Città di Londra is a true local eatery in Trieste a few blocks away from our hotel. This was my first ever experience having Italian food in Italy!

Trattoria Città di Londra Interior
Trattoria Città di Londra

Trieste Itinerary

This restaurant was discovered by my classmates. The entire place looked very cozy. I liked the paintings on the wall a lot. I really felt that I was indeed in Italy when looking at them.

It took a long time before the waitress introduced the menu to us. We were given the Italian menu which wasn’t helpful, but I could see the Italian meal structure from appetizer to dessert. I don’t think people would order one from each category.

The Food

I ordered two main courses this time. For the first one,
we had several pasta choices, and many of them were basic, classic ones like pesto sauce and meat sauce. I went with the pasta with a small octopus, which I never had before in Canada. It was also simple without too many ingredients, but it tasted very well.

Trattoria Città di Londra Speghetti with Octopus
Speghetti with Octopus

Trieste is a seaport city, and thus there were several seafood options for the second main course. I didn’t quite get all the options when the waitress when through them, so I went with the grilled mackerel when I heard it. I was surprised that I had the whole fish, which is super rare in North America. I don’t think it is the same as the Japanese ones, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Food in Trieste Trattoria Città di Londra Mackerel
Grilled Mackerel


My first ever meal in Italy went very nicely. It was vastly different from Italian food in North America. I really enjoy the atmosphere here as this was the only times I was not in a touristy restaurant.

Trattoria Città di Londra Info

Address: Via Lorenzo Ghiberti, 2, 34132 Trieste TS, Italy
Info: Website (in Italian)

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