[Vancouer Food] Dinner @ Forage

Forage was the second restaurant I visited during the Dine Out Vancouver event in January 2019. They offered a $45 menu with some unique dishes that I enjoyed a lot!

The Food

I began my dinner with the cocktail Seasonal Collins, which was not a part of the Dine Out menu. It was made of wallflower gin from Odd Society (a local brewery), seasonal syrup, and lemon. It was my first time having a cocktail like this, and I didn’t know that it tasted a bit spicy. I know what to expect when I order gin and tonic next time.

Forage Seasonal Collins
Seasonal Collins

Forage has quite a few unique dishes with different ingredients or preparation methods. One of them was the duck rillette in the appetizer section, and it naturally was my choice. Rillette is a French way of preparing meat. Basically, it turns the meat into a spread, and people enjoy it with the bread. The duck spread was super delicious and rich in flavour. It was for sure one of the best duck dishes I’ve ever had.

Duck Rillette
Duck Rillette

I chose the bison steak as my main dish. It came with marrow roasted potatoes, sweet onion crema, and pickled charred radishes on the side. While the presentation was very nice, there were only 4 small pieces of the steak. It tasted similar to the steaks I regularly have, but it did have a light, unique flavour that was very acceptable. My friend mentioned that the bison burger she had before had a very strong, somewhat intolerable smell, and it was not the case with my bison steak.

Forage Bison Steak
Bison Steak

Many of my friends had the sablefish, which came with smoked belly croquette, bull kelp and ginger soy, and compressed rutabaga. The portion was obviously better. I had a small piece from a friend, and it was also delicious.

Sable Fish
Sable Fish

My dessert choice was the neufchâtel and plum cheese puff with tarragon sponge, wild blueberry meringue, caramelized yogurt, and plum compote on the side. Again, it provided a different experience as the puff with the neufchâtel cheese tasted slightly salty. I don’t know if I like it, but I did enjoy trying new ingredients.

Forage Neufchatel and Cream Cheese Puff
Neufchatel and Cream Cheese Puff


I really enjoyed the dining experience here at Forage. All the dishes I had were new to me, and the restaurant did a great job on them. I highly encourage everyone to come here during the Dine Out Vancouver event next year!

Forage Info

Address: 1300 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C5
Info: Menu

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