[Kelowna Food] Dinner @ Mabui Sushi Izakaya

We finish our first day in Kelowna with a dinner at Mabui Sushi Izakaya. We tried a variety of Japanese dishes that we normally don’t order, and we should’ve enjoyed them with beer!

If I understand Japanese izakaya correctly, it is an informal restaurant and pub. People will start their meals with beer, sake, or other alcoholic drinks. Then, without menus, they will order whatever they want to eat, and the chef will do his or her best to fulfill the orders. It is usually affordable and very casual, but the food here is in high quality.

I learned the concept from the Japanese animations but have yet experienced one. I don’t think there is an izakaya that offers the true izakaya experience in North America, but I don’t mind going to one as long as they have good Japanese cuisine.

The Food

The dishes below are not in any particular order. They came when they were ready. The ahi tuna tataki salad was very good, probably because of the Japanese style salad dressing. I would order it again even though I don’t normally get salads in a Japanese restaurant.

Mabui Sushi Izakaya Ahi Tuna Tataki Salad
Ahi Tuna Tataki Salad

The rolls were a bit smaller than the ones we had in Vancouver, but it was understandable.

California Roll
California Roll

The size of the dynamite roll was the same as the above California roll. Usually, the dynamite roll is a lot bigger.

Mabui Sushi Izakaya Dynamite Roll
Dynamite Roll

Instead of having tempura, we ordered a different kind of shrimp dish this time. Puri Puri Ebi Mayo is basically deep-fried shrimp served with a sauce made of Japanese mayonnaise and ketchup. It was fine. I think I still love tempura more.

Mabui Sushi Izakaya Puri Puri Ebi Mayo
Puri Puri Ebi Mayo

Raftee is slow roast pork belly from Okinawa. It is similar to the braised pork in Taiwan. It was too sweet when eating it alone. The miso mackerel was also very salty. I didn’t know that it came with two small pieces of fish only, and I was a little bit disappointed. It would be better to have both dishes with rice or beer.

Mabui Sushi Izakaya Raftee & Miso Mackerel
Raftee & Miso Mackerel

Chicken Skewers are also classic izakaya food. Again, the flavour was quite strong on its own.

Mabui Sushi Izakaya Chicken Skewers
Chicken Skewers


I don’t know if izakaya food is naturally very sweet or salty, but I did feel that I had too much salt and sugar that night. I can only judge after I go to a real izakaya in Japan. Before that, I will give Mabui Sushi Izakaya a pass. Don’t forget to have some beer!

Mabui Sushi Izakaya

Address: 2070 Harvey Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 8P8
Info: Dinner Menu

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