[Europe Week 0] Dinner @ KLYO

We started our field school program with a welcome dinner at KLYO, a local restaurant next to our hotel. I couldn’t really tell the type of cuisine they offered because we had ravioli as our main dish. The food was delicious nonetheless.

Vienna Itinerary

The Food

The dinner was arranged by the school, and thus we had a preset 3-course dinner. I started the meal with a glass of lager. It was alright and not as impressive as the apple wine I had the previous night.

The Lager

Our first course was the salad. It was the only salad of this trip, and it was the best salad ever! The ingredients included lettuce, watercress, berries, sprouts, seeds and avocado. It also came with a piece of grilled chicken. I loved that the variety of veggies in the bowl. The dressing consisted of balsamic vinegar, basil, and apricot. It was way better than the North American style dressings.

KLYO Salad
The Salad

Our main dish was the ravioli. I don’t know if this is the mushroom ravioli on the German menu because I didn’t remember that it had a mushroom flavour. I didn’t expect to have Italian food here, but it is fine to see how Italian food is like in other European countries.

KLYO Ravioli
The Ravioli

Lastly, Our dessert was the apple strudel, a classic Viennese dessert. It was nice to have something Viennese in our first meal in the city.

KLYO Apple Strudel
The Apple Strudel


It was a nice welcome dinner. It was right across the street from our hotel, and thus it was an ideal place for our first dinner. The restaurant also offered great views as it is located right by the Danube canal. It would be perfect if they offer Viennese cuisine instead of the ravioli!


Address: Uraniastraße 1, 1010 Wien, Austria
Info: Website (in German)

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