[Europe Week 1] Dinner @ Gmoakeller

My last meal in Vienna was at Gmoakeller, a local restaurant serving Viennese cuisine. I had beef kidney for the first time in my life, and the experience was unforgettable.

Gmoakeller Interior
Gmoakeller Interior

Vienna Itinerary

The Food

I ordered an iced coffee as my drink to start, which was a big mistake. I didn’t want any alcoholic drinks that evening. I saw ice coffee was available on the menu, so I ordered it when the server asked. I didn’t know it was actually a dessert! I felt so embarrassed.

Gmoakeller Ice Coffee
Gmoakeller Ice Coffee

Before my main course, I got a bowl of beef soup. The boiled beef I had the previous day was so good, and I wanted to have again. This time, it was two pieces of meatloaf in broth. It was also very delicous.

Gmoakeller Beef Soup
Gmoakeller Beef Soup

My main dish was calf’s kidney. This restaurant serves a lot of calf’s organs, including liver and kidney. They even have calf’s brains! My friend had calf’s liver when we were at Figlmüller Bäckerstraße, and he said it was fine. I kind of wanted to try myself after this. When many restaurants serve calf’s organs, they can’t be bad, right?

It turned out to be the worst food I had in my entire trip. The smell of the kidney was very strong and bad, and the sauce didn’t make the dish more tasty. I didn’t want to waste it, so I helf my breath and finish the entire dish. I didn’t expect the taste would be like this because chicken hearts, chicken livers, pig’s livers, and homeycome tripes are all delicious.

Gmoakeller Calf Kidney
Gmoakeller Calf’s Kidney


This experience with calf’s kidney was horrible. I was too optimistic about the taste and too confident with myself. Gmoakeller is a decent Viennese restaurant, but think twice before you order a dish with calf’s organs!

Gmoakeller Info

Address: Am Heumarkt 25, 1030 Wien, Austria
Info: Website (in German)

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