[Europe Week 1] Snack @ Café Prückel

Vienna is famous for its Coffee House culture. It is a part of people’s everyday lives here. Café Prückel is one of the traditional coffee houses, and we a good time enjoying the coffee and the dessert.

Café Prückel Exterior
The Exterior

Vienna Itinerary

The Food

We came to the cafe during the lunch hours, but I still went with a drink and dessert. I first got wiener melange, an Austrian specialty similar to a cappuccino. It came on a tray with a glass of water, and I didn’t understand why. It was good, but I didn’t taste anything special. 

Café Prückel Latte
Wiener Melange

They offered a wide selection of desserts and they were viewable at the counter. 

Café Prückel Dessert Selection
Dessert Selection

I selected a random cake from the counter. It was totally different from the cake we see in North America. It was a huge piece, and I was totally full after finishing it. It was OK.

Café Prückel Cake
Café Prückel Cake

The cafe also offered hot food such as sandwiches, soup, salad, and main courses like schnitzel. My friend order the below warm croissant. The presentation was very nice!

Café Prückel Warm Croissant
Warm Croissant

The Cafe

What makes the Viennese coffee houses unique is the atmosphere. The newspaper, the glass of water that came with my coffee, and the marble tabletop are some of the elements of this culture. People spend hours in cafes to read, write, talk, play card, and do other activities. Café Prückel decorates the restaurant with a lot of plants, and I found it quite interesting.

Café Prückel Interior
The Interior


This was my one and only Viennese coffee house experience. I wanted to go to other ones like Café Central but didn’t have the chance. I recommend everyone visiting the city to come to one of the cafes and see how it is different from your local coffee places.

Café Prückel Info

Address: Stubenring 24, 1010 Wien, Austria
Info: Website (in German)

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