[Vancouver Park] Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park

The first stop of my Kelowna road trip was Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park conveniently located by Highway 1 in Chilliwack. It was very accessible but challenging to get very close to it.

Bridal Veil Falls
Bridal Veil Falls

What We Did

The park is located between the exits 135 and 138 on Highway 1. Driving here from Coquitlam took us one and a half hours. It is a nice place to take a break from driving.

It only took us about 5 minutes from the parking lot to the waterfall. It is possible to climb up the steep slope to get closer to the falls. The above photo was taken near the top of the slope, and the view was even more gorgeous. It was much wider than I thought. Be aware that going down the slope can be very scary.

The waterfall was great, but there wasn’t anything else to see or do in the park or the nearby town. Thus, it is more like a rest stop than a day trip destination.


I recommend everyone to come by when driving through Highway 1 in Chilliwack. This is one of the few waterfalls that is close to Metro Vancouver. If you are looking for something different to see, then you definitely want to come to this park.

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