[Vancouver Food] Lunch @ Bubble World Burnaby

Bubble World is a Taiwanese restaurant chain with 10 locations in Metro Vancouver. Despite its success, I didn’t go there very often. My most recent visit was in July 2018 at their Burnaby Kingsway location.

The Food

We started our lunch a plate of braised chicken gizzards, honeycomb tripes, and tofu curds. The restaurant calls them “marinated” goods, but I think “braised” is the better term to describe them. There are 8 options and people can choose any 3.

Braised goods are iconic Taiwanese appetizers. I was just back from my Europe trip, and food like this was much needed. Chicken gizzards were the one I missed the most because we don’t marinate them at home. It was too bad that they don’t have chicken liver or chicken hearts!

Bubble World Assorted Marinated Plate
Assorted Braised Plate

My main course was stir-fried lamb with green onions. The dish can be ordered on its own or in a set with rice and two side veggies. The beef option is also available for this dish. I like stir-fry dishes because it is always fresh and the chef has to prepare it on the spot. It was simple and met my expectation of a Taiwanese stir-fry dish.

Bubble World Stir-fried Lamb with Green Onions
Stir-fried Lamb with Green Onions

My sister ordered Hakka style pork & squid with satay sauce. Taiwan is home to Hakka people, and their cuisine is very unique. This Hakka stir-fry dish is now very popular and available in any Taiwanese restaurant. However, the one my sister got was quite different from the ones I had before. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell if it is authentic or not because I haven’t been back to Taiwan for a long time. Overall, the taste was fine.

Bubble World Hakka Style Pork & Squid with Satay Sauce
Hakka Style Pork & Squid with Satay Sauce


Bubble World is a solid Taiwanese restaurant. Their offering may be standard and not that interesting, but their prices are reasonable. I personally prefer MYST over Bubble World, but I still recommend everyone to try it once and see if you agree with me.

Bubble World Burnaby Info

Address: 4300 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 1Z5
Info: Menu

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