[Vancouver Food] Lunch @ Taishoken Ramen

Taishoken Ramen is located in Chinatown of Vancouver and a few blocks away from my old office. It used to be one of the best lunch options for me!

Taishoken Ramen Tonkotsu
Tonkotsu Ramen

The Food

I came here a few time and tried three different kinds of ramen.


Topping: pork chashu, negi (green onion), memma (bamboo shoot), aji tama (seasoned egg), naruto, nori
Broth: pork & chicken

Tonkotsu is my favourite ramen here because I like shoyu flavoured ramen the most. The soup was rich and in the flavour I expected. They put quite a few toppings to the ramen, including my favourite bamboo shoots. The pork chashu was also a highlight because there was a choice between the lean ones, the fat ones, or both. You can see that they were roasted with a dark layer on the outside. This is my default choice whenever I come here.


Topping: chicken chashu, bok choy, snap pea, red ginger, aji tama (seasoned egg), naruto, nori
Broth: chicken

This chicken ramen tasted pretty light and healthy. It contained two kinds of vegetables, boiled chicken chashu, and clear chicken broth. I like it and will order it when I don’t want heavy-tasting food.

Taishoken Ramen Torigara
Torigara Ramen

Tonkotsu Miso

Topping: pork chashu, negi (green onion), moyashi (bean sprouts), aji-tama (seasoned egg), naruto, nori
Broth: pork & chicken with mild miso

I am never a big fan of miso ramen. I tried it once here, and my conclusion was I still liked shoyu ramen more. The broth tasted a bit too heavy with miso added. The toppings were the same as the regular tonkotsu ramen, except that they put bean sprouts there instead of my favourite bamboo shoots.

Taishoken Ramen Tonkotsu Miso
Tonkotsu Miso Ramen

There are three other kinds of ramen I’ve yet tried. One of them is with tomato soup and cheese, which sound weird to me. Has anyone had it?


It is too bad that my new office now further away from Taishoken Ramen, and going there during lunch time is not feasible anymore. I will still find chances to go back and enjoy their Tonkotsu ramen again!

Taishoken Ramen Info

Address: 515 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L2

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