[Seattle Food] Delicious Food at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is my favourite place in Seattle with delicious food. Here are the 6 stores that everyone has to try when visiting the market.

Pike Place Market Sign
Pike Place Market Sign

The market

During our first visit on Day 2 of our spring trip, we quickly walked through the market in the afternoon. It was very crowded both inside and outside of the actual market. We saw the famous fish stand where the guys threw fish at the crowds. I was surprised that there were so many stands selling fresh-cut flowers including tulips and daffodils. They must be from the Skagit Valley farms we visited the day before.

Le Panier

Le Panier is a bakery serving French-style baked goods and desserts. We first visited the store on Day 2 of our spring trip. We took out some croissants, tarts and pies and enjoyed them later at our hotel. All of them were super yummy!

We also came back later to get their latte. Even though the first Starbucks was right next door, we still preferred coffee from independent stores. They also have a lot of savoury options, so it is a great place to have breakfast.

Info: Website

Piroshky Piroshky

Another bakery that shouldn’t be missed is Piroshky Piroshky. They offer Russian buns called pirozhki which are stuffed with a variety of fillings. They remind me of the bread and buns in East Asian bakeries which also have different fillings like red bean paste or BBQ pork.

Pike Place Market Piroshky Piroshky The Sign
The Sign of Piroshky Piroshky

There is always a line in front of the store, but the line moved quickly. While waiting, you can see the staff members making bread and buns in front of you. Then it is the time to make choices. I highly recommend the smoked salmon flavour. I usually just randomly pick some, but I think I should try some traditional Russian ones next time, including beef & onion and cabbage & onion. The only catch is that the price of each bun is about $6 USD, which is more expensive than other bakeries. I can easily spend $30 ~ $40 on a few pieces of bread!

Pike Place Market Piroshky Piroshky The Shop
The bread and buns were made fresh in front of us

Info: Website

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is another store I love a lot. Their main product is the award-winning flagship cheese. They have the freshly-made curds and aged cheese available. The curds are very delicious on their own. The store also offers a few cheese-related quick bites like mac and cheese and sandwiches. The hot mac and cheese is really the world’s best. I am never a fan of mac and cheese, but I love the one here!

Pike Place Market Beecher's Mac and Cheese
The world’s best Mac and Cheese

We also tried their sandwich. It is very different when there is real cheese instead of the processed one.

Pike Place Market Beecher's Sandwich
The Sandwich

They also produce cheese live on location. The cheese making facility occupies about a third of the store, and people and see the process through the glass. Although I never know the steps, it is still fascinating to see the cheese being hand-made.

Pike Place Market Beecher's Cheese Making
Pike Place Market Beecher’s Cheese Making

Info: Website

Pike Place Chowder

We first visited Pike Place Chowder in winter, and I was glad that I finally came. They offer 8 kinds of chowder and soup, including New England clam chowder, smoked salmon, and crab & oyster. If you can’t decide, a sampler of 4 or 8 kinds of chowder is also available.

Pike Place Market Pike Place Chowder Sign
Pike Place Market Pike Place Chowder Sign

I ordered a large bowl of crab & oyster chowder and New England clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. Both were very delicious. I could see and taste the different ingredients in the chowder. They were not too sticky or salty. They were indeed the best chowder in the world!

Pike Place Market Two Chowders
Pike Place Market Two Chowders

Info: WebsiteMenu

Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt

I am a big fan of Greek yogurt, so there is no reason for me to skip Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt. I was full after having the chowder during our winter trip, but I still insisted to come by and see what they offered.

At first, I thought it was a frozen yogurt store because of the way they display their yogurt. There were more than a dozen yogurt flavours in their “ice cream counter.” I had a sample of the berry flavoured yogurt, and it was very good. 

I didn’t buy anything from this place this time, but it will for sure be on my to-buy list in my next visit!. 

Info: Website

Daily Dozen Doughnut Company

Daily Dozen Doughnut Company is a mini doughnut shop inside the public market. The most fascinating part of this shop was that I could see the doughnuts being made in front of me. The deep-frying process was automated, and the machine would turn the dough over after one side was cooked, and moved the fully-cooked ones aside.

I got a dozen of assorted doughnuts before I left the market. They cost $7 USD, which was reasonable. Be aware that it is a cash only store, and I have to thank my friend who had cash on him. A few reviewers on Google Map say that the maple ones are the best. I will need to try them next time!

Pike Place Market Daily Dozen Doughnut Company
Pike Place Market Daily Dozen Doughnut Company


Pike Place Market has some of the best food I’ve ever had. The mac and cheese from Beecher’s Handmade Cheese and Pike Place Chowder are not to be missed. It is a heaven for all foodies!

Pike Place Market Info

Address: 85 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101, USA
Market info: Website

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