[Seattle Trip] Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park

Kerry Park is one of the best places to see Seattle skyline. Many photos of Seattle in books, articles, or magazines were taken here. The view was indeed stunning!

Kerry Park
Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park

What We Did

We came here right after our dinner at Toulouse Petit. It was still early and bright outside, so we decided to drop by before heading back to our hotel. The park is not far away from the restaurant and Seattle Center.

Kerry Park City View
Kerry Park City View

When we arrived, it was quite crowded and the street parking was hard to get. The park itself is tiny and has nothing worth mentioning except for the exceptional view of the city and the harbour. The entire Space Needle is also visible here.

Kerry Park Sea View
Kerry Park Sea View

There were also cherry blossom along the nearby streets. Thus, spring is a great time to visit this park to see both the city view and the cherry blossom in one place.

Kerry Park Cherry Blossom
Kerry Park Cherry Blossom


This is a place that all photographers love to visit for the gorgeous views. The only thing I missed this time was the night time view of the city. I think it will be even harder to forget!

Kerry Park Info

Address: 211 W Highland Dr, Seattle, WA 98119, USA
Info: Website

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