[Seattle Food] Dinner @ Toulouse Petit

Toulouse Petit is a Seattle restaurant that serves Louisana Creole cuisine. I was very excited that I had the chance to taste New Orlean style food in Seattle. All the dishes tasted delicious and very different!

The Food

First, we had some baked oysters. I can’t confirm if they are Oysters Bienville or Oysters Rockefeller. Essentially, what we had was oysters baked with butter and herbs. After visiting the oyster farm, it was a must to have more oysters!

Toulouse Petit Oysters
The Oysters

My main dish was Oven Roasted Muscovy Duck Confit with Brussel Sprouts, Shallots, and Housemade Tasso. It sounds more French style and Louisana style, but I still ordered it because the other two dishes were seafood ones. The duck leg was crispy and delicious, but my favourite was the Brussel sprouts with the sauce.

Duck Confit
Oven Roasted Muscovy Duck Confit

My sister had Toulouse Seafood Gumbo. Gumbo is essentially a stew in Louisana and is the state’s official state cuisine. It is made of rich shrimp stock, dark mahogany roux, crawfish, pacific fish, and housemade andouille. It was the first time I had a dish with a dark roux, and I liked it a lot.

Toulouse Petit Toulouse Seafood Gumbo
Toulouse Seafood Gumbo

I ordered LL Fresh Rockfish in a Creole Count Bouillon for my mom. Court bouillon is a type of stew with a tomato base, and it is an autumn favourite. Besides the fish, it also came with shrimp, mussels and clams. The dish is spicy probably because of the piquillo rouille. The combination of rice, seafood, court bouillon, and the piquillo rouille was very delicious. It was the best rice dish I’ve ever had in restaurants serving Western cuisine, and I love it more than risotto.

Toulouse Petit LL Fresh Rockfish in a Creole Count Bouillon
LL Fresh Rockfish in a Creole Count Bouillon


All the food above was very tasty. I highly recommend this restaurant when visiting Seattle. It makes me want to visit New Orleans and experience more Louisana Creole cuisine!

Toulouse Petit Info

Address: 601 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, USA
Info: Menu

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