Review: Hotel Concorde Frankfurt

My first hotel in Europe was Hotel Concorde Frankfurt. It is very close to Central Station, and the price was affordable for solo travellers. The breakfast buffet was the best in my entire trip!

Hotel Concorde Frankfurt The Exterior
The Exterior


I booked a small single room on the official website for €75. This is the refundable rate, and I could’ve saved about €13.5 if I prepaid for the room. This hotel offers huge discounts on their prepaid rates.


The hotel is located half a block northeast from the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof). There are a lot of hotels in this area, and Hotel Concorde was one of the few with high ratings and affordable prices.

Hotel Concorde Frankfurt Lobby
The Lobby

The room

The available room types include the small single room, the standard single room, the double or twin bed room, triple room, and the Junior suite. I naturally chose the small single room as I was travelling solo, but that wasn’t the best decision.

I knew that hotels room in Europe wouldn’t be big, but I was shocked when I entered my room. It was a very tiny room. The luggage occupied the remaining floor space after I opened it and I barely had a place to stand. It was my first time staying in a small room like this.

Hotel Concorde Frankfurt The Tiny Room
The Tiny Room

According to the floor plan, I got the smallest room on the floor.

Hotel Concorde Frankfurt Floor Plan
The Floor Ponn

The bed in the room was a single. Sockets and the temperature control were located on the counter by the window.

Hotel Concorde Frankfurt The Single Bed
The Single Bed

The bathroom and the shower didn’t look as small after being in the tiny room.

Hotel Concorde Frankfurt Bathroom
Hotel Concorde Frankfurt Bathroom
Hotel Concorde Frankfurt Shower
Hotel Concorde Frankfurt Shower


On the review sites, people said that the breakfast buffet at this hotel was exceptional. It truly was! I was stunned when I stepped into the room. The server was courteous and greeted me a pot of coffee.

Hotel Concorde Frankfurt Cold Food
Ham, cheese, and other cold food

I was very impressed when I saw prosciutto & melon and smoked salmon along with other ham and cheese in the cold food section. It instantly became the best breakfast buffet I’ve ever had in my life.

Hotel Concorde Frankfurt Hot Food
Hot food selections

The hot food included scrambled eggs, sausages, and pre-made pancakes.

Hotel Concorde Frankfurt Bread, Desserts, and Fruits
Bread, desserts, and fruits

They also offered a wide selection of bread, pastries, croissants, fruits, yogurts, and desserts. It wasn’t possible to have each of them.

Hotel Concorde Frankfurt Drinks and Cereal
Drinks and cereals

Juice, milk, and cereals were also available. I didn’t expect that they would offer grapefruit juice!

I ended up having three plates of food and some juice along with the full pot of coffee. I grabbed all the interesting offerings and enjoyed them slowly. I loved the tomato & mozzarella in the second picture below. I had the smoked salmon twice because it was probably the only time to have it in a breakfast buffet.

Hotel Concorde Frankfurt My First Plate
My first plate: eggs, sausage, prosciutto & melon, and smoked salmon
Hotel Concorde Frankfurt My Second Plate
My second plate: pastry, pancake, tomato & mozzarella, yogurt
Hotel Concorde Frankfurt My Third Plate
My third plate: smoked salmon, ham, bread with two types of jam, pastry


The tiny room is not ideal for field trip students like me or business people who need a desk. I think it is fine for leisure travellers if you are only looking for an affordable place to sleep. I would love to stay here as a leisure traveller and enjoy the wonderful breakfast buffet again!

Hotel Concorde Frankfurt Info

Address: Karlstraße 9, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Info: Website

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