[Vancouver Food] Lunch @ The Parlour

My friends and I gathered up at The Parlour for brunch after the Vancouver Sun Run on April 22. It is conveniently located in Yaletown. I was quite impressed with their Yaletown Pizza and wished I ordered it in the first place!

The Food

I started with a glass of mimosa, which was only $3 on Sundays. I was more and more open to alcoholic drinks and was eager to try our different cocktails. It was smooth and delicious.

I chose the Short Rib & Egg Skillet as my main dish. I am a big fan of skillets and was very impressed with the one from Chambar Restaurant. Unfortunately, the skillet here didn’t really meet my expectation as the portion was smaller than I thought. It came with quite a few ingredients: poached eggs, braised AAA beef, roasted cajun potatoes, caramelized onions, hollandaise with arugula & heirloom tomato salad. All of them tasted goodm but I didn’t feel full after finishing this.

Short Rib & Egg Skillet

One of my friends had pizza as his main dish, and it looked quite good. Thus, another friend and I decided to share a half portion Yaletown Pizza. It came with interesting toppings such as albacore Tuna and Avocado, which make this pizza very unique. The combination of avocado and tuna made me think of sushi, and it worked well on this pizza. It was very tasty, and I wished I ordered this as my main dish.

Yaletown Pizza


Before I came, I thought that this place was just another pub or happy hour restaurant without decent food. I was wrong, and I am more than happy to come again for the pizza!

The Parlour Info

Address: 1011 Hamilton St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5T4
Info: Menu

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