[Vancouver Park] Cultus Lake Provincial Park

Cultus Lake is located 1-hour east of Metro Vancouver in Chilliwack. It is a great camping destination in the summer. We climbed for an hour and a half to Teapot Hill and it was a good hike!

Cultus Lake Teapot Hill Trail
Teapot Hill Trail

What We Did

There are three hiking trails in the park: Teapot Hill, Seven Sisters, and Giant Douglas Fir. I chose Teapot Hill with the expectation of seeing great scenes of the lake at the peak. It would take two hours which was an ideal time.

It was a cloudy day. It would also be very nice to hike on a hot, sunny day because the trail is all covered up. The trail was moderately challenging with some steep uphill sections. There were also many flat sections for people to rest a bit. We had a break near the terminus when there were continuous uphill climbs. I think it is possible for many people to hike to the summit without taking any breaks.

There weren’t too many things to see except for the trees and the colour teapots along the way. I didn’t count how many were there, but there were more than 10 for sure. It was fun to discover them on the ground, stems, or branches.

The terminus was supposed to be a viewpoint, but the view wasn’t that great. The lake was barely visible because it was blocked by trees.

Cultus Lake
Cultus Lake

We came close to the lake when we were back down, and the view was so much better. The water was warmer than I expected. The photo was taken at the boat launch near Entrance Bay, which is not really the place to swim or have a picnic. Make sure you turn at the right location!


I think it is not worth to drive an hour here just to do the 2-hour hike. However, there are plenty of activities nearby, like picnicking by the take or going to the water park. It is a good day trip destination for Vancouverites!

Cultus Lake Provincial Park

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