[Europe Week 0] Dinner @ Gaststätte Atschel

Gaststätte Atschel is a local restaurant in Frankfurt serving German cuisine. I came here for the Frankfurt Schnitzel and the apple wine, and both were very delicious!

Gaststätte Atschel Interior
The interior of Gaststätte Atschel

The Food

First, I got myself a glass of apple wine (German: Apfelwein). All guidebooks, articles, or YouTube videos about Frankfurt say that it is a must to have the apple wine here. It was super smooth, and I hardly taste any alcohol. I think I could drink it in one gulp. I was tempted to get a second glass but didn’t get one in the end. I didn’t want to become unconscious and sleep on the road.

Gaststätte Atschel Apple Wine
Apple Wine

The Frankfurt Schnitzel arrived shortly. Schnitzel is common in German cuisine, and each region has its own way of eating it. In Frankfurt, the schnitzel is served with the green sauce made of fresh herbs, sour cream, oil, vinegar, and mustard. The breaded pork was thin, crunchy, and delicious on its own. The green sauce tasted light and added a different flavour to the schnitzel.

Gaststätte Atschel Frankfurt Schnitzel
Frankfurt Schnitzel


I was glad that I had the chance to enjoy tasty local German food at the beginning of my Europe trip. It would be even more awesome if I was with my friends or classmates. I need more apple wine!

Gaststätte Atschel Info

Address: Wallstraße 7, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Info: English Menu

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