Review: Lufthansa Economy Class Boeing 744 Vancouver to Frankfurt

This Lufthansa economy class flight from Vancouver to Frankfurt (and later from Frankfurt to Vancouver) was my first long-haul flight in more than 10 years. Overall, the Lufthansa flights were better than I expected.


I was just started to collect miles and points and did not have enough of them to redeem flights. Thus, I paid $1768 CAD for my flights, which were super expensive in June and July.

I booked the flights directly on Lufthansa’s website. I’ve read a lot of articles and comments about booking tickets on third-party sites and online travel agents. Thus, booking directly with the airline is the easiest. In the end, I didn’t encounter any problems or delays with my flights.

I credited the miles I earned from flights to All Nippon Airways (ANA) Mileage Club, where I have a small balance. It was actually not a good choice because I only earned 30% of the miles flown instead of 50% if I credited them to Air Canada Aeroplan. ANA Mileage Club is a great program, but there aren’t a lot of ways for Canadians to earn their miles. Oh well…

Cabin and seat

Lufthansa operated the flights between Vancouver and Frankfurt with a Boeing 747-400 (744) aircraft. I was happy that I could experience this legendary aircraft before their retirement in the next 10 years.

The economy seating on this aircraft is in the standard 3-4-3 configuration with 272 seats. According to SeatGuru, each seat has a pitch of 31 inches and a width of 17.1 inches. I am about 5’7 (170 cm) tall, and the legroom was acceptable. I could fully stretch my legs if I didn’t put my bug backpack underneath the seat.

Lufthansa Economy Class 744 Legroom
The Legroom

The seat comes with a headrest, and I found it quite comfortable.

Lufthansa Economy Class 744 seat
The headrest

The best seats on a Lufthansa Boeing 744 is row 29, the first row of the economy section. The seats here have extra legroom. For people with a lot of personal belongings, the window seats of row 54 and 55 are the best. There is extra room between the seat and the window when the plane becomes narrower.


The food of these Lufthansa flights was surprisingly not bad. We were given choices of chicken or pasta in 3 of my 4 meals, and I always opted for chicken. All of them were served with different sauces and veggies. The tastes were fine, and I finished everything in the metal boxes.

Lufthansa Economy Class 744 Jun 22 Dinner
Dinner of June 22 Vancouver to Lufthansa flight

The breakfast was an egg omelette with potatoes. It also tasted alright.

Lufthansa Economy Class 744 Jun 23 Breakfast
Breakfast of June 22 Vancouver to Lufthansa flight

All the buns were cold and very stiff. I still ate them all and took a long time.

Lufthansa Economy Class 744 Jul 15 Dinner 1
First meal of July 15 Frankfurt to Vancouver flight

The desserts were fine except for the chocolate cream thing in my second meal of Vancouver-bound flight.

Lufthansa Economy Class 744 Jul 15 Dinner 2
Second meal of July 15 Frankfurt to Vancouver flight


The plane might be old, but the in-flight entertainment system was quite modern. I really liked the flight tracking screen, especially the 3D map mode like below. I don’t watch movies or TV shows, so I couldn’t tell if the contents were up to date. I planned not to rely on it too much, but I ended up finished two documentaries and played some games. The touchscreen didn’t work too well in those games.

Lufthansa Economy Class 744 IFE screen
The in-flight entertainment screen

I didn’t go to the washroom because I didn’t want to bother my neighbours. Thanked God that the flights were only 10 hours long.


I hope this is my last long-haul economy class flights as I am accumulating miles and points. I’ve read so many comments about the terribleness of economy class flights and the goodness of business class flights, so I set my standards pretty low. In the end, the flights were not as bad as I imagined. If I have to take another economy class flight, Lufthansa will still be my top choice.

Lufthansa Economy Class 744 Flying over Hudson Bay
Flying over Hudson Bay

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