Review: SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver

My trip to Vienna and Italy began with an airport lounge visit in YVR. It was my first time ever going into an airport lounge, and I was very excited! SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver is the newest lounge in YVR, and many people said that it is one of the best Priority Pass lounges in North America.

Location and access

SkyTeam Lounge is located near gate D53 in the international terminal. Please note that YVR has a US immigration pre-clearance facility in its own terminal, so it is not accessible to the US-bound passengers during the daytime.

I accessed the lounge with my Priority Pass membership that comes with my BMO AIR MILES World Elite Mastercard. This membership grants me and a guest two free visits per year to any Priority Pass lounges. It isn’t the best Priority Pass membership from a credit card, but two free visits are more than enough for me.

Please note that recently BMO has changed the program to Mastercard Airport Experiences provided by LoungeKey. You also get two free visits per year with the BMO AIR MILES World Elite Mastercard. Most Priority Pass lounges also welcome LoungeKey members, so the benefit is essentially the same.

The lounge is, of course, accessible to SkyTeam Elite Plus passenger and first and business class customers on SkyTeam airlines. It is open 24 hours, daily.

Layout and amenities

The lounge is located on its own floor above the shops. It is not big, but it wasn’t crowded when I came in at 1 pm. The first thing I saw was multilingual newspapers and magazines on the wall.

SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Entrance
The entrance

The office area and the wine bar came up next.

SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Office Area
The office area

(It was my first visit, so I didn’t take photos very thoroughly. I will update this post when I visit the lounge again.)

SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Wine Bar By Chun Lu Jimmy Yang
The wine bar. Photo by Chun Lu Jimmy Yang via Facebook

Then, the lounge opens up into seating areas. There are different chairs for eating, working, and relaxing.

SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Seating Area by Chun Lu Jimmy Yang
The seating area. Photo by Chun Lu Jimmy Yang via Facebook
SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Seating Area
The seating area

The dining area is a the end of the lounge. The washrooms and the shower rooms are further inside.

Shower rooms

I started my lounge experience with a shower. It was a sunny day in Vancouver, and I sweated a lot after walking here. I felt super refreshed after this.

There are two shower rooms. They are open to everyone, and you can just go in and use it. All the necessary items are provided, including towels, shampoo, soap, razors, shower caps and a hairdryer.

SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Shower Room 1
The shower room
SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Shower Room 2
The shower room

Food and beverages

Food is the number one reason I want to visit a lounge. It may not be the most authentic, but having free food in a lounge made my trip feel different. I already knew that they serve hot noodle soups and dim sum, so I order them first from the staff. The noodle soup with the fish balls and the wontons was delicious. The pork siumai was ok, and the veggie dumplings were disgusting. Don’t order veggie dumplings!

SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Noodle Soup
Noodle Soup and dim sum

While waiting for the noodles, I explored the buffet. The hot food options were fried rice, fried noodles, asparagus soup, and an Asian meat dish. They looked underwhelming, so I didn’t bother.

SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Buffet Area - Hot Food
Buffet Area – Hot Food

On the other side of the counter, there were sandwiches, cheese, salads, and desserts.

SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Buffet Area - Sandwiches
Buffet Area – Sandwiches
SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Buffet Area - Salads
Buffet Area – Salads
SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Buffet Area - Cheese
Buffet Area – Cheese Selection
SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Buffet Area - Desserts
Buffet Area – Desserts

Drinks were available by the kitchen. There were several kinds of beers and liquors on the counter. Sodas and bottled waters were in the fridges below the counter.

SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Beverage Area
SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Beverage Area

Wines were available in the wine bar close to the entrance. There were in total 12 different wines in taster machines. I didn’t plan to drink, but I still grabbed a glass of white wine before leaving.

SkyTeam Lounge Vancouver Wine Selection
Red wine selections


It is my first ever airport lounge visit, and it was spectacular! I can’t make comparisons at this moment, but I was really impressed with the noodle soup, the shower room, and the wine selection. Now, I really want to visit lounges in other airports and see what they offer!

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