[Vancouver Park] Minnekhada Regional Park

Minnekhada Regional Park is located in the northeast corner of Coquitlam. It is one of the closer parks near my house, but I first visited this park in January 2018. It is a great place for hiking.

Mukilteo Lighthouse Park Marsh 1
The marsh at Mukilteo Lighthouse Park

What We Did

I’ve visited this park twice this year, once in the winter and once in the summer. It is 15-minute-drive away from Coquitlam centre, which means that it isn’t located in a very remote area.

Mukilteo Lighthouse Park Marsh 2
Another photo of the marsh

My hiking route is from the Quarry Road parking lot to the bridge across the marsh. Then, I continue to the Low Knoll Lookout. There are three different routes from the parking lot to the marsh, the log walk trail is the easiest of the three.

The marsh is the highlight of the park. The scenery is very nice, and you can easily see the reflection in the water on a sunny day. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for any water activities.

Minnekhada Regional Park Trail
A steep section of the trail

The trail that goes from the marsh to the lookout is moderately challenging. Some sections are steep, and I sometimes had to my hands when I was going back down. At the knoll, you can see the marsh hiding behind the trees, which isn’t that great.

Mukilteo Lighthouse Park Low Knoll Lookout
The view from the Low Knoll Lookout

The hike to the Low Knoll Lookout and back is about 1-hour long, and it is easy for us without any preparation. You can go further to the High Knoll lookout. The view may be better.


There are a lot of parks and mountains for good hikes, and Minnekhada Regional Park is not an exception. It is the best for people who look for a short and moderately challenging hike or a park that is not too far away.

Minnekhada Regional Park Info

Address: 4000 Quarry Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3E 3H5
Info: WebsitePark Map

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