[Seattle Trip] Bellevue Botanical Garden

We spent the rest of our Saturday afternoon in Bellevue. We first came to Bellevue Botanical Garden, a perfect place to experience spring.

Bellevue Botanical Garden
Bellevue Botanical Garden

Spring 2018 Trip Day 1 Itinerary

What We Did

Bellevue Botanical Garden was the only place in Bellevue we planned to come. It is free to enter and has a high rating on Google Maps. I was quite excited and expect an experience similar to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden.

It was spring, and the flowers were blooming. The garden was segmented into zones with different themes and planted with rare species. However, my mom wasn’t impressed. She felt that it was just another local park with a section for gardens. We quickly walk through the trails, so I didn’t have much time to see the plants.


I think I will need to visit this garden again and have a detailed look. I am pretty sure I will have a different impression when I come on my own.

Bellevue Botanical Garden Info

Address: 12001 Main St, Bellevue, WA 98005, USA
Info: Website

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