[Vancouver Food] Lunch @ Ichiro Japanese Restaurant

We had lunch at Ichiro Japanese Restaurant when we visited Steveston in March. I found this restaurant on Google Map with a 4.2-star rating. It turned out to be an authentic restaurant with delicious food.

The Food

All of us went for the lunch sets as the single orders were quite pricey. The restaurant offered more than a dozen lunch sets with a great variety. I chose the Nigiri Sushi Set which came with agedashi tofu, edamame, sonomono, and miso soup. It was great to see their tamago nigiri in this light yellow colour. Many tamago nigiri in other restaurants is made of dark yellow, factory-made tamago pieces which taste quite fake. The restaurant probably makes the tamago pieces on their own, which is awesome. I was also very impressed with the agedashi tofu.

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant - Nigiri Sushu Set
Nigiri Sushi Set

My mom ordered the Karaage and Katsu Set. Both the chicken karaage and the katsu (pork cutlet) were delicious. It was the best set for meat lovers.

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant - Karaage and Katsu Set
Karaage and Katsu Set

My sister had the Saba Yaki Lunch Set. The grilled saba was quite big, which was surprising. We got almost an entire fish, not just a small piece. It is a great alternative for people who don’t eat raw fish.

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant - Saba Yaki Lunch Set
Saba Yaki Lunch Set


Although their prices are a little bit high, their food is very decent. They have so many lunch sets that I want to try, including the hot pot sets and the chirashi & noodle set. I will need to visit Steveston again soon!

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