8 Things to Expect When You Visit Bologna, Italy

Bologna is the 5th Italian city of my Europe trip. It is a bit beyond my expectation. Here are the eight things to expect when you visit Bologna, Italy.

She used to be a canal city

Many people didn’t know that Bologna was a canal city in the past. The reason is that the city is not located next to a natural river, and thus canals were used to transport goods to the sea. Now, only a few canals remain in the city, and you can see one when you walk along
Via Federico Venturini.

Bologna Canal
A Canal in Bologna

She used to have a lot of towers

When you are in Bologna, you can see quite a few towers in the skyline. What you don’t know is that Bologna used to have more than 100 towers. There are about 10 remaining towers in the city with the Two Towers being the most popular.

Bologna Towers
The Two Towers in Bologna

Covered Hallways

Covered hallways along the streets are common in Taiwan but not so much in North America. I was surprised to see a lot of hallways like this in Bologna. The reason behind this structure is that more rooms were needed for students, so the second floor and all the above floors were extended outwards to accommodate more rooms.

Bologna Covered Hallway
A Covered Hallway

Unrepaired Art

Bologna is an old city and the oldest university in the world is here. However, I feel that the city is not very well maintained. The painting in the below picture is a good example. It is on the outer wall of a church. I thought this would be regularly maintained and repaired.

Bologna Unrepaired Art
An Unrepaired Painting

Old and New Buildings

Another interesting thing you will see is that the old and the new buildings are just merged together. I thought the normal way is to fully demolish the old buildings and then construct a new one. It is clear that the Bolognese people in the past didn’t think this way.

Bologna Old and New Buildings
Bologna Old and New Buildings

A Lot of Graffiti

In Bologna, you will see a lot of graffiti on the outer walls of buildings. They were probably painted by university students, and I often admire their creativity.

Bologna Graffiti
A well-done Graffiti

A Lot of Random Writings and Drawings

Alongside the graffiti, you will also see random drawings and writings on the walls. I understand that students may just want to show off themselves by writing something on the wall, but these drawing and writings just don’t look good.

Bologna Random Writings
Random Writings

The Italian Name of This Iconic Pasta Dish

Bologna is famous for the meat sauce. When flipping through a menu, you may not see Spaghetti Bolognese or similar names. The reason is that the correct name in Italian is Tagliatelle al Ragu alla Bolognese. Tagliatelle is the wide pasta variation, and ragu means meat sauce. Next time, remember to look for the keyword ragu when you want to order this dish.

Bologna tagliatelle al ragu alla bolognese
Tagliatelle al Ragu alla Bolognese

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