Is Trieste REALLY an Italian City?

The second stop of my Europe field school trip is Trieste. It is at the northeastern corner of Italy and borders Slovenia. However, when I looked at the buildings in this city, I wondered if I came to another part of Austria. Do you know which building is in which city in the below picture?

Vienna or Trieste
Which building is in Vienna? Which building is in Trieste? (Hint: see my Vienna post for the answer.)

The building styles are extremely similar in both cities.

Trieste Building
Trieste Buildings

Another surprising fact is that there is a Protestant church, Chiesa Evangelica, right behind our hotel. I never knew that it was allowed in an Italy city.

Chiesa Evangelica
Chiesa Evangelica

There is even an Orthodox church at the end of the canal.

Tempio Serbo Ortodosso di San Spiridione
The Orthodox church – Tempio Serbo Ortodosso di San Spiridione

Trieste only became a part of Italy after WWI. Before that, Habsburg ruled this region for more than 500 years. Thus, many buildings in the city look similar to those in Vienna. It was a multicultural city with many ethnic groups, and they built their own church after receiving rights from the emperor.

Trieste may not have the Italian look, but the food here is for sure Italian. The pasta and the pizza were delicious.

Food in Trieste
Food I had in Trieste

Bonus: Slovenia day trip on July 1

Trieste is at the border of Slovenia and also close to Croatia. On July 1, we drove to Slovenia and see two castles. They were impressive!

Slovene castles
Slovene castles: Predjama (top) and Ljubljana (bottom)

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