[Europe Week 1] Walking Around Downtown Trieste

Trieste is an Italian city located at the northeastern corner of the nation and borders Slovenia. It was the second stop and the first ever Italian city of my Europe Field Trip. The city didn’t look very Italian to me!

Trieste Itinerary

The Buildings

We came to Trieste with a 7-hour bus ride from Vienna. It was surprising to see that the building styles here were somewhat similar to the ones in Vienna! What I didn’t know that Trieste didn’t become a part of Itay until the end of WWI. Before that, it was under Austrian rule for almost 600 years. The city actually have deep connection with Vienna.

Trieste Building
Trieste Buildings

The Churches

Italy is known to be a very Catholic nation, mostly because of the Pope. Thus, it is usually impossible to see Protestant or Orthodox churches in Italian cities. Trieste is a big exception as it has both Protestant or Orthodox churches. It was a multicultural city with many ethnic groups, and they built their own churches after receiving rights from the emperor.

The below Protestant church Chiesa Luterana Evangelica is located next to our hotel.

Chiesa Evangelica
Chiesa Luterana Evangelica

The Orthodox church, Tempio Serbo Ortodosso di San Spiridione, is by the Grand Canal. It was built by the Serbs.

Tempio Serbo Ortodosso di San Spiridione
Tempio Serbo Ortodosso di San Spiridione

The Canal

Italian: Canal Grande di Trieste

Trieste was an important seaport for Austrians. This canal was built in mid 18th century to allow ships to load and unload goods in the downtown area.

Downtown Trieste Canal Grande di Trieste
Canal Grande di Trieste

The Roman Theatre

Italian: Teatro Romano di Trieste

To me, the great Roman Empire only existed in history books and games, and I didn’t have a real feeling about it. I finally saw a roman architecture for the first time here. This theatre can be traced back to the Trajan period (98 – 117 CE). It was amazing to see something from 2000 years ago!

Downtown Trieste Teatro Romano di Trieste
Teatro Romano di Trieste

The Plaza

Italian: Piazza Unità d’Italia

Piazza Unità d’Italia is at the centre of Trieste and surrounded by several palace style buildings. The city hall at the end of the plaza looked very similar to the buildings in Vienna.

Downtown Trieste City Hall
City Hall in the Daytime

The Pier

Italian: Molo Audace

This 200-meter pier is just a block away from Piazza Unità d’Italia. It was a great place to see the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Downtown Trieste Molo Audace
View from Molo Audace

The Gelato

It was impossible not to have gelato in Italy! I got the below gelato from Gelato Marco, a store I found on Google Map with a 4.6 rating. The tiramisu flavour was very tasty.

Food in Trieste Gelato Marco
Gelato Marco

Address: Via Malcanton, 16, 34100 Trieste TS, Italy
Info: Website (in Italian)


My first visit to an Italian city was very positive. It wasn’t crowded and was very comfortable to walk around. It offers a variety of things to see, including the sea, the canal, and the Roman ruins. It is a good city to visit if you want to experience something that is not completely Italian in Italy.

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