The Secrets Behind Viennese Buildings

Vienna is a city with a long history. As a capital city for Austria for several hundred years, I expected to see a lot of buildings from several centuries ago. There are secrets behind these building that I just learned during the 4-night stay.

During the walking tour, I saw a painting on a typical white building. The guide explained that these are from a long time ago and were hidden and revealed later during the renovations. What a surprise!

Viennese Buildings - A drawing on a building
A drawing on a building

People may think that some magnificent buildings like Rathaus (Vienna City Hall) and the Parliament Building are very old. They feature Greek or Gothic styles which are considered to be older designs. In the guest lecture of Professor Maerk, he revealed that these buildings were actually built in the second half of the 19th century, and the purpose was to respond to people’s desire of liberty and free press.

Viennese Buildings - Rathaus
Rathaus (Vienna City Hall), a gothic style building completed in 1883

There are three Magnificent palaces in Vienna: Hofburg, Belvedere, and Schönbrunn. People may intuitively think that all three were built and used by the famous Habsburg family, the ruler of Austria and the Holy Roman Empire. All three of them were eventually owned by the royal family, but the Belvedere palace was actually not constructed by the Habsburgs. The original owner of this palace was Prince Eugene of Savoy born in Paris.

Belvedere Palace

Bonus: modern buildings

I didn’t see a lot of modern buildings, but the one below immediately caught my attention when we drove past it. One side of the skyscraper is with alternating curvy stripe pattern instead of a flat surface. It is such an art!

Viennese Buildings - PWC Austria
PWC Austria Building

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