[Vancouver Park] Revisiting Stanley Park

Stanley Park is one of the most popular destinations in Vancouver, both for locals and tourists. Although it is very close to downtown Vancouver, I didn’t go there very often. I decided to go back on a sunny Saturday in March and enjoy the park again like a first-timer. It is for sure one of the best seaside attractions in Metro Vancouver!

View of Downtown Vancouver from Stanley Park
View of Downtown Vancouver from Stanley Park

Brockton Point Lighthouse & Totem Poles

The main road inside the park, Stanley Park Drive, is a one-way counterclockwise loop. Thus, anyone who enters the park from West Georgia Street starts from the east side of the park. Most of the attractions are also on the east side, including Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver Seawall, Nine O’Clock Gun, Brockton Point Lighthouse, and the Totem Poles.

In the past, I mostly just walked along the Seawall and never got to the eastmost point, the lighthouse. This time, I parked near the Totem poles and made sure I visited these attractions in the area. It was sunny but not too hot at that time, and the walk along the seawall was very very nice. A lot of people were jogging, skating, or biking.

Stanley Park Totem Poles & Lighthouse
Brockton Point Lighthouse & Totem Poles

Prospect Point

Our second stop was Prospect Point near Lions Gate Bridge. This is the entrance of Burrard Inlet, so it is easy to spot container ships coming in and out. The elevation is higher here, and thus the view here gives a slightly different feeling.

Stanley Park Prospect Point
A scene from Prospect Point

Third Beach

Our final stop was Third Beach, located on the west side of Stanley Park. There are a series of beaches along Stanley Park Drive and Beach Avenue, including the famous English Bay Beach. I liked that this beach was quieter and less crowded as it is quite far away. The only downside of this beach that it is not as easy to get here by car due to the one-way Stanley Park Drive.

Stanley Park Third Beach
Third Beach


It only took me about an hour to visit the above three destinations by car. A better way to enjoy the park is to ride a bike along the seawall. It takes about two hours and is a good way to exercise. There are several bike rental stores at the intersection of Georgia and Denman. A lot of people will just stay close to the seawall near the entrance or the aquarium, but I encourage everyone to go around the park and see other places inside the park. All of them offer different scenes, and you will want to have a look at all of them!

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