[Seattle Trip] Deception Pass and Whidbey Island

Our last portion of the scenic drive was going through Fidalgo Island, Deception Pass, and Whidbey Island. There are 5 state parks along the way, and it was too bad that we skipped all of them.

Deception Pass
Deception Pass

Spring 2018 Trip Day 1 Itinerary

What We Did

We continued driving west on WA-20 after seeing thousands of birds. It was close to noon, and the sky started to clear up. Our very first stop was Deception Pass, which is between Fidalgo Island and Whidbey Island. We followed others and stopped on the roadside before the bridge. The view was spectacular with the blue sky and the blue ocean. I recommend everyone to have a little walk to the bridge and find the best photo location along the way.

There is a dedicated state park at Deception Pass. People can camp and swim at Cranberry Lake or enjoy the sun at the beach. Of course, we skipped it because of the $10 parking fee.

The rest of the journey on Whidbey Island was just a drive through with two quick stops. The small city of Oak Harbor is just at the south of Deception Pass. We headed to Safeway for a quick washroom break and grabbed some snacks. Then, we continued south to Fort Casey Historical State Park. Without a Discover Pass, I didn’t get a chance to see the 100-year-old fort and its history.


The scenic drive ended at Clinton Ferry Terminal. It was a very pleasant ride on this long and narrow island. The scenes changed quite a bit from the forest and the lakes at the north to the city, the countryside, and the sea at the south. I need to do it again and stop at the wonderful state parks!

Clinton Ferry
A scene from Clinton Ferry

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