[Seattle Trip] Flowers and Birds at Skagit Valley

We continued south from Chuckanut Drive to Skagit Valley, which is famous for its Tulip Festival. We only saw daffodils, as it was still too early for the tulips. We also spotted thousands of birds near WA-20, which was surprising!

Spring 2018 Trip Day 1 Itinerary

What We Did

According to the official website of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, there are two ways to see the tulips. People can just drive through the fields and look at the flowers on the way, or they can visit one of the display gardens, Roozengaarde or Tulip Town. The admission to the display gardens is $7 per person, which is not bad. We didn’t visit either of them since the tulips were not quite ready yet.

We followed the signs and saw a few fields were already in endless yellow. It was possible to stop by the road and have a closer look. Those fields are huge! It probably spans over a mile long, and it wasn’t possible to see the next field or road. There were places where the daffodil field and the tulip field were next to each other, and I think it would be even more magnificent to see the endless yellow and the endless red together!

Skagit Valley Tulips
Daffodils at Skagit Valley

As we were on WA-20 heading towards Fidalgo Island, we spotted white things on the right-hand side near the intersection of Laconner Whitney Road. I swiftly made a right turn. Then, we saw thousands of white birds standing on a huge grassland. I couldn’t tell if they are ducks, geese, or another type of water birds. It wasn’t an attraction, but a lot of people also stopped by and took pictures.

Skagit Valley Birds
Birds at Skagit Valley


I didn’t have a lot of chances to see wildlife and seeing these white birds made me really excited. We were a little bit disappointed because we didn’t see tulips, but driving through the countryside and seeing daffodils were also a unique experience. I wish I can see more animals on my next trip!

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Info

Info: Website

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