[Seattle Trip] Taylor Shellfish Farms

Samish Farm Shellfish Market by Taylor Shellfish Farms is located on Chuckanut Drive just south of Larrabee State Park. I like oysters a lot so it was a must to drive down and see the market.

Taylor Shellfish Farms: the Farm on the Sea
Taylor Shellfish Farms: the Farm on the Sea

Spring 2018 Trip Day 1 Itinerary

What We did

The market is located by the coastline, so we had to drive down a steep, unpaved one-lane road to the sea level. There weren’t too many cars in the morning, but it is always important to watch out.

Taylor Shellfish Farms is a restaurant chain with 4 locations in Seattle and Bellevue. They grow oysters on about 1,700 acres of Samish Bay Tideland and have been doing so for about 100 years. It is easy to see the farm from the coast.

Taylor Shellfish Farms: Oysters on Sale
Oysters on Sale in the Market

The market offered a few different types of oysters and a variety of seafood. There are seats for people who want to enjoy fresh oysters immediately. I was hoping for cooked dishes, but they only offered DIY cooking with barbecue grills. It would be nice to have some freshly grilled oysters and seafood under the blue sky. My sister ordered 2 oysters. She said they were so fresh and delicious.

Taylor Shellfish Farms: 2 Fresh Oysters
2 Fresh Oysters


It was too early and the weather wasn’t great when we arrived at the store. I totally need to come back and taste the grilled oysters and seafood. I will also bring butter and sauces to make the food more delicious!

Taylor Shellfish Farms Info

Address: 2182 Chuckanut Dr, Bow, WA 98232, USA
Info: Website

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