[Vancouver Food] Dinner @ Tuc Craft Kitchen

Many restaurants in Vancouver offer cheaper food and drinks in their “Happy Hour” period in the afternoon, and Tuc Craft Kitchen in Gastown is one of them. My colleagues and I visited this place on a Friday afternoon in 2017, and the overall experience was mixed.

The Food

This review is past due for 10 months, and the menu has changed. Both food dishes, Gravlax with citrus cured steelhead and Lamb Dukkah, are not available anymore.

The drink I randomly picked was Brown Derby, which was on the happy hour menu. It is made of bourbon, grapefruit, and honey. It was quite strong. I could feel the alcohol after just a few sips. I liked this cocktail but had to drink it very slowly.

Tuc Craft Kitchen Brown Derby
Brown Derby

The food dish I got from the happy hour menu was the Gravlax. I was disappointed with the tiny portion. I understood that I would get smaller portion with the happy hour price, but this was a bit unacceptable.

Tuc Craft Kitchen Gravlax
Gravlax with citrus cured steelhead

Lastly, I ordered Lamb Dukkah from the dinner menu. According to the menu, it is seared lamb patties with white bean hummus, Moroccan relish, sesame &amp, and chickpea dust. The smell of lamb was very strong, but later I got used to it and began to like it. It was the first time I had a dish like this, and it would be even better if they could reduce the smell of lamb a bit.

Tuc Craft Kitchen Lamb Dukkah
Lamb Dukkah

Lamb Dukkah – seared lamb patties, white bean hummus, Moroccan relish, sesame & chickpea dust.


Tuc Craft Kitchen is not a cheap place to eat, so visiting this place during the happy hour is not a bad idea. Although my Gravlax was really small, other food dishes on the happy hour menu like the mussels have reasonable portions. It is a good place to try dishes that are not commonly seen in other restaurants that serve Pacific Northwest cuisine.

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