[Vancouver Food] Dinner @ YEW seafood + bar

I always look forward to the Dine Out Vancouver event. It is the only time to try fancy restaurants without becoming broke. I was lucky this year to try out YEW seafood + bar with friends on January 29. It was a fantastic experience, the best I’ve ever had!

My dinner at YEW
My dinner at YEW seafood + bar. See below for details of each dish.


Dine Out Vancouver takes place each year for three weeks in January and February. It is a very good chance to try some authentic food in high-class restaurants. Last year, I visited three restaurants, including the famous CinCin Ristorante + Bar for its Italian food. This year, with a limited budget, I only tried YEW seafood + bar. I’ve been wanting to dine here for years, so I was thrilled when we managed to get a table.

The food

Scallop Minestrone
My appetizer: Scallop Minestrone

I ordered Scallop Minestrone to start. When I saw “minestrone” in the name, I thought it was the classic Italian soup. I was wrong, and I didn’t recognize it when the server came. The scallops were so tender! I sometimes bought scallops from Costco, but I can never make them so tender at home. The vegetables on the side were also delicious.

Ling Cod
My main course: Ling Cod

My main course was Ling Cod. It was good, but I love the Farro Risotto more. I felt I was so Asian because I loved to have the cod together with the risotto.

Farro Risotto
My side: Farro Risotto

This dish was not on the Dine Out menu. I ordered it because I felt that I had to order one more thing. I ultimately decided to get the risotto over a cocktail drink. Farro is composed of the grains of certain wheat species. It was slightly harder than the brown rice, and I loved it. It was slightly saltier and more flavourful, so it was good with the cod.

Pistachio Cherry Tart
My dessert: Pistachio-Cherry Tart

My dessert was Pistachio-Cherry Tart. The cherry tart was super rich in flavour. The green cream with pistachio was also very delicious. It was the best dessert I’ve ever had in any restaurants.

What my friends had

My friend ordered the following dishes on the dine out menu. Braised Beef Stroganoff was surprisingly good according to my friends.

Salmon Gravlax
Salmon Gravlax
Braised Beef Stroganoff
Braised Beef Stroganoff
Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse
Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse


It was a fabulous experience that night. I am going to have it again next year and bring my family there. After looking at my pictures, they would love to try out themselves!

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