[Big Island Day 7] Waipio Valley Lookout

Waipio Valley Lookout was the very last stop of our Big Island trip. I think I probably missed something when I was there…

Waipio Valley Lookout
View from Waipio Valley Lookout

Big Island Day 7 Itinerary

What we did

Waipio Valley is home to old Hawaiian kings. It is possible to walk down to the beach that is visible from the lookout. The length is about 6.5 miles with including lots of vertical meters. There is also a black sand beach on the coast.

This was another “photo-only” destination for us. We saw the massive cliff when we arrived at the parking lot. All my attention was at the cliff, and I didn’t notice the valley at all. It is just funny that I came to Waipio Valley and didn’t see what I was supposed to see. Well, it was a long week for me after running to so many places.


From the photos in other websites, the view of the valley is truly magnificent. I totally need to go back again and take a picture of the valley. I will also visit Pololu Valley which is close by and also have a great view.

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