[Big Island Day 7] Waipio Valley Lookout

Waipio Valley Lookout was the very last stop of our Big Island trip. I think I probably missed something when I was there…

Waipio Valley Lookout
View from Waipio Valley Lookout


Waipio Valley home to old Hawaiian kings. It is a good but difficult place to hike. It is possible to walk down to the beach that is visible on the lookout.

What we did

Since we didn’t do any serious hikes in the previous destinations, we didn’t go down the trails this time either. I was actually tired from driving a long distance and also worried about the scratches on my rental car. All I did was just taking a photo of the massive cliff. I don’t remember seeing the valley. I didn’t try to look for the valley even though the place is called “Waipio Valley.”


From the photos in other websites, the view of the valley is truly magnificent. I totally need to go back again and take a picture of the valley. I will also visit Pololu Valley which is close by and also have a great view.

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