[Big Island Day 7] Akaka Falls State Park

Our 4th stop on Day 7 was Akaka Falls State Park. It is about 20 minutes away from What’s Shakin and a must-see when driving along Hamakua coast.

Akaka Falls State Park

Akaka Falls

What we did

It was raining so heavily when we arrived at the parking lot. It was a very popular place and the parking lot was full. As a result, we parked outside of the gate and luckily didn’t have to pay the $5 parking fee.

The walk to Akaka Falls was very short. We first saw a smaller waterfall just a few steps away from the entrance. After a few minutes of walk, we saw the 442-ft Akaka Falls. It was magnificent! The rain stopped, and we really enjoyed being in great nature.

The Kahūnā Falls is on the opposite side of Akaka Falls. We didn’t see it because the trail was closed.

Akaka Falls small waterfall

Small waterfall near the entrance


It only needs about 30 minutes to see the fall. It is really worth a visit for people who are on Big Island for the first time.

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