[Vancouver Food] Lunch @ Meat & Bread

Meat & Bread is one of my two favourite places to have lunch, and I think it is one of the best sandwich places in town!

Huli huli chicken sandwich and borscht
Huli Huli chicken sandwich and borscht


The store I go to is the one at the corner of Cambie and Hastings, which is two blocks away from my office. They also have a store on Pender between Burrard and Thurlow. In the Cambie store, they offer 4 regular sandwiches and 1 daily special sandwich. The daily special features different kinds of meat and flavour every day, which is the best for people who are looking for different tastes. All of their sandwiches are hot, and that is why I love this place so much. They also provide soup and salad.

The food

I almost always have the daily special because I love to try different meat and flavours. The sandwich I had in the above picture was Huli Huli chicken sandwich. It consists of pre-cooked Huli Huli chicken with some vegetables. They also have different varieties of chicken sandwiches from week to week. The most memorable one was the teriyaki chicken sandwich. I was surprised that they had this kind of Asian fusion flavour. Besides chicken, they also have lamb, beef, and duck, turkey sandwiches on other days. I don’t have the duck one for a long time, and I hope they make one soon!

Their soup and salad are also different every day. Their soup is also exceptional, and I order it from time to time. I love that I can try different kinds of western style soup here because I don’t cook them at home.

Turducken sandwich
Turducken sandwich

The above Turducken sandwich was their Christmas special, and it was only available during the few days before Christmas. It was very delicious with chicken, turkey, and duck together. I tried to have one at 11:30 am that day, but the line was so huge and the wait time was one hour. I managed to enjoy it when I returned to the store at 2 pm.


I will continue to have lunch at this place. It is a very suitable place for lunch in winter time with the hot sandwiches and soups. It will never make me feel cold!

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