[Vancouver Food] Lunch @ Continental Seafood Restaurant

On the new year’s eve of 2017, my family and I visited Continental Seafood Restaurant in Richmond. There are a lot of Chinese seafood restaurants that serve dim sum at lunch hours, but I never know which one has the best in Richmond. My sister had been here before, so we gave it a try. There were some unique dishes which I enjoyed very much.


The restaurant is located at the intersection of No. 5 Road and Cambie. The restaurant was huge, and I think it can easily accommodate 200 people. It was almost full when we arrived. We ordered food from the servers who circled the restaurants with her carts. This is the more traditional way of serving dim sum, but it is not used in every restaurant.

The food

In the end, we ordered 14 dishes in total! We would never get this many dishes if we ordered from the menu. We didn’t think much when we saw something delicious in the carts. We started with a bowl of congee with pork and preserved eggs.

Continental Seafood Restaurant 1
Congee with pork and preserved eggs

Then, we got various steamed dim sum dishes. All of them were the usual dishes we would get at any dim sum places. We had rice rolls, stuffed bean curd wraps, beef strips, beef tendons, and spare ribs.

Continental Seafood Restaurant 3
Various steamed dim sum dishes

The best dish we had was the hot tofu dessert. It had been so long since I had it. It is not a common menu item in Chinese or Taiwanese restaurants. We occasionally had cold tofu dessert from supermarkets, but the hot one was 100 times better!

Continental Seafood Restaurant 4
Hot tofu dessert

We had 4 types of dumplings, including the shiu mai which is not in the photos below.

Continental Seafood Restaurant 2
Dumpling with shrimp
Continental Seafood Restaurant 5

We were almost full after having the above dishes, so we got this cake to wrap up. The top half was made of black sesame and the bottom half was coconut flavoured.

Continental Seafood Restaurant 6
Cake made of black sesame and coconut

For some reason, we didn’t encounter any carts with pan-fried or deep-fried dim sums. It appeared at the very last moment, so we got two more dishes. We had deep-fried meat dumplings and the pan-fried cake with chives.

Continental Seafood Restaurant 7
Deep-fried meat dumplings & pan-fried cake with chives


It was a decent new year’s eve feast. All of us were too full at the end. I think overall the food is good, but I will have to try out other restaurants to have a clearer conclusion.

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