[Vancouver Food] Lunch & Dessert @ Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie

Thomas Haas has been one of my favourite dessert and sandwich shop for years. I visited their North Vancouver store in the past few weeks after almost one year of absence. Their food was as exceptional as usual!

Dessert, Nov 18

Dessert Nov 18
From top left: exotic cheesecake, lemon tart, raspberry cake

I arrived in the late afternoon. All sandwiches were gone, and there weren’t a lot of cakes left either. Thus, I took out 3 cakes: exotic cheesecake, lemon tart, and raspberry cake. All of them were very good. I was impressed with the sour flavour of the lemon tart.

Lunch, Dec 23

Lunch Dec 23
Top: Moroccan chicken sandwich & Americano. Bottom: almond mascarpone cake

I was going to attend the Christmas party at my sister’s place later in the evening. I decided to drove myself to North Vancouver to pick up their bûche de noël as our dessert. The store was very busy with customers picking up pre-ordered bûche de noël cakes.

I managed to get some food for lunch: a Moroccan chicken sandwich, a cup of Americano, and a piece of almond mascarpone cake. I had their Moroccan chicken sandwich before, and the flavour was still the same. The Americano was smooth and not bitter. It was drinkable without cream or sugar. The cake was also very delicious and not too sweet.

Bûche de Noël

Buche de noel
From left: matcha yuzu and chestnut mont blanc

There were seven flavours of bûche de noël, and I picked the two flavour without chocolate. The matcha mousse was a bit too light for matcha lovers like me. The yuzu & passion fruit coulis was my favourite with strong sour flavour. The chestnut cake was for the party, and everyone loved it. I don’t remember what it was made of, but for sure it was full of chestnut.

Lunch, Dec 30

Lunch Dec 30
Top: prosciutto and pull port sandwiches. Bottom: mont blanc and latte

I visited the store again with my sister on Dec 30. We shared the prosciutto and pulled pork sandwiches and also got mont blanc as our dessert. The prosciutto sandwich came with roasted asparagus and veggies which made it quite unique. The pulled pork here had a lighter, more delicate taste. The mont blanc cake was not the same as the bûche de noël we had last week. It was a traditional mont blanc dessert with chestnut and lots of whipped cream inside. Finally, I had to praise their latte. Unlike the ones from Starbucks, it was not bitter at all!


With no classes on Saturday this term, I will definitely visit this place more often and try all of their sandwiches, desserts, and pastries!

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